2018 Trial Judge

Bill Orr

Judge Bill Orr

Bill and Susan recently relocated from Florida to Virginia. It only took us a year in Florida without a dog to realize we couldn’t live without them. We miss living in the west, but hope to enjoy our little 17 acre farmette near Warrenton.

We got involved with trialing border collies in 2001 in South Carolina and moved to Oregon in 2006.

I competed in many Open and Nursery trials from 2004 - 2015. With my good dogs Boone, Sly, Lad, Roy, Max, Tweed and Louie, we competed in 16 states and Canada. We competed in 10 double lift trails, and won two of those. Sly and I were the 2011 USBCHA Nursery Reserve Champion and the 2012 Hotchkiss Open Champion.

I believe in the ISDS stated “Objectives for a Trial”. A fair and impartial judge is essential. The dogs and handlers deserve that.

Jack Knox, Julie Simpson, Virgil Holland, and Hubert Bailey have all influenced what I know about trialing and training a dog.

Hotchkiss is the best “little” trial in the west. The town, the hosts, the scenery and especially the sheep are fantastic.