2018 Entry Guidelines

After you have read and understand the instructions on this page, click on link at the bottom of this page to view the Entry Form. Print this form, then fill out the required information, before mailing the completed form to:

Entries Due:

  • Limit of one handler per entry
  • Entries will open from Feb. 1–15, 2018
  • Entries must be mailed to: Richard Bailey, 36546 F50 Road, Crawford, CO 81415
  • No faxed or hand delivered entries will be accepted
  • Entries postmarked prior to Feb. 1, or after Feb. 15, will be put on Stand–By List
  • Entries will be prioritized by postmark date
  • Priority of Stand–By List is decided by drawing for each postmark day.
  • This information will be published on the website and will be routinely updated.
  • Running order will be published on the website.

Entry checks:

  • Entries submitted without payment will not be accepted!


  • No refunds issued for cancellation requests after April 5, 2018
  • No Class change requests accepted after April 5, 2018

Entry Limits

  • Entries limited to a total of two dogs per handler in Open and Pro–Novice classes
    (any combination – two dogs in Open, or two in Pro–Novice, or one dog in each class)
  • Handlers can also enter an additional two dogs in the Nursery or Novice classes
    (any combination – two dogs in Nursery, or two in Novice, or one dog in each class)
  • No dog to be entered in two different classes.

Classes and Fees

**Pro-Novice will be a full cross drive**


  • Payback Added Money
  • Money to Top Places
  • Awards for Top Combined Score
  • No payback in Nursery class


  • Nursery and NoviceTwo Runs; run back-to-back on Friday
  • Open and Pro-NoviceTwo Runs; one on Saturday, one on Sunday

Handler Meetings:        ( each class has Handler Meeting prior to runs )


Admission Fee to the Trials: Friday: $4.00, Saturday & Sunday: $ 5.00

Entered Handlers: receive 2 Paid Passes (wrist bands). These passes must be picked up at main admissions gate for entry to Trial.

During the lunch break on Saturday and Sunday (time permitting) we will have a judged demonstration for our spectator’s benefit.


After the form is open: Print the trial entry form - fill out the form & sign - Send in the form, with your payment check, no earlier than February 1st