Registered Participants & Standby Lists

Please contact us with any changes as soon as possible.

All handlers on Standby with Nursery dogs, are entered in the trial. If you become eligible to run in Open or Pro-Novice, your nursery dog will automatically be entered. If you want to run in Nursery regardless of your Open or Pro-Novice status, please contact us by April 5, prior to the event.

Thank you for your interest in our Trial !

The following is the list of handlers currently entered in the 2018 Hotchkiss Sheep Camp Stock Dog Trials. This list is not the running order for the trials. Following the entrant lists is the Standby List. The Standby List, lists the order entrants will be entered into the trial as cancellations of entered participants are received.

Cancellations must be received by April 5 of 2018 to receive a refund. No refunds will be issued for cancellations after April 5. To cancel, contact Richard Bailey at (970) 399–7538 or cell (970) 852–1186 or email at Trials Director.

Substitutions will be allowed in each class. Substitutions must be completed 30 minutes prior to first run. Substitutions will not be allowed after this time.

The schedule for trial runs will be as follows:

Friday: NURSERY handlers meeting. First NURSERY run followed by second NURSERY run. NOVICE handlers meeting. First NOVICE run followed by second NOVICE run.

Saturday: OPEN handlers meeting. First OPEN run. PRO NOVICE handlers meeting. First PRO NOVICE run.

Sunday: PRO NOVICE handlers meeting. Second PRO NOVICE run of trial. OPEN handlers meeting. Second OPEN run of trial.

Please check back periodically for the running order and any additional trial information. This information should be available about 2 weeks prior to the trial. THANK YOU!

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Registered Entry Forms Received for 2018 Trials

All entries in all classes

(not running order)

HANDLER   (alphabetical listing) Dog(s) Entered In Listed Classes

Stand–By   (Priority)

The following handlers have dogs entered in Stand–By classes as listed.

If you see your name on the Stand–By list below, and also have Nursery and/or Novice dogs listed on your entry form, note that your Nursery/Novice dogs are already confirmed. Stand–By is only for Open and Pro–Novice dogs.

Only Open and Pro–Novice dogs are on Stand–By.

If your Open/Pro–Novice dogs do not get entered into the trial, and you wish to pull out of the competition altogether, no cancellation penalties will be applied to your Nursery/Novice dogs. Please let us know, however, if you plan to run Nursery/Novice dogs regardless of Stand–By out come. Thank you!

Handler  (by Priority) Dogs on Standby Dogs entered in Nursery/Novice

**Any Standby Nursery dog is eligible to run in class**.  Please call Richard Bailey to enter.


This is your trial!  Did you include your email information with your entry form?  Important updates are also forwarded via email. To insure you receive timely updates and are on our email list CLICK HERE to update or add your email address.

Any and all suggestions and comments will be welcomed and appreciated so we can make future trials even more enjoyable for you, the Handlers.

Thank You,
Trials Committee

Thank you for your interest in the 15thANNUAL HOTCHKISS SHEEP CAMP STOCK DOG TRIAL. Please check back for further updates and additional information.