Behold Those Amazing Dogs!

Stare Down

The ‘staredown’ quickly establishes who’s boss.


Punch gives ‘the eye’ and takes control. © Sandi Jones


Abbie steers the flock to their destination. © Mindy Bower


Abbie in Border Collie bliss! © Mindy Bower

Dogs may be universally known as Man’s Best Friend but, in this case, they may better be described as the partner to the Shepherd.

They are the guide and guardian to the livestock they are assigned; a task for which they are uniquely suited.

Born to work, while possessing a level of stamina unheard of in their human counterparts, these amazing dogs will work tirelessly from dawn ‘til dusk with just a few pats on the head, a bowl of water, and food as their reward.

A cooperative temperament, unsurpassed canine intelligence, and an enormous desire to please their handler, enables these extraordinary dogs to herd sheep like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Utilizing their innate predatory instincts to intimidate, with heads hung low they dodge and dart around the herd, driving their stock around fields and obstacles, all at the command of their handler.

No other partner will give you so much in return for just a simple “Good Dog!”

Come see these amazing dogs work their magic, when the Hotchkiss Sheep Camp Stock Dog Trial comes to Hotchkiss, Colorado this May!

Thanks to handlers Mike and Richard, and photographers Sandi and Mindy for the fine photos!